Micro SD Card Formatter

Do you use a micro SD card on your phone or other digital devices to save data like photos, music, and videos? If yes, have you ever meet the common error that happens on it that your micro SD card can not be formatted? So, why does your micro SD card can't be formatted? And what should you do when facing this kind of problem? Does all data saved on it is lost? Don't be worried, data recovery software could help you reclaim all your files on the un-formatted micro SD card quickly.

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Case of un-formatted micro SD card

The store owner gave me a 4GB micro SD card as a gift when I bought my new phone last month. But it stops working from yesterday till now.

When I connect my phone to the computer to check some files saved on the micro SD card, Windows keep reminding me that you need to format the disk H before you can use it, do you want to format it now?

But what confused me is that nothing changing after I clicked the format disk button. What should I do? By the way, the micro SD card has changed to the RAW file system from FAT32.

I want to both recover my data and use my micro SD card normally. – Gorge from New York

How to recover data from un-formatted micro SD card by data recovery software

When a micro SD card is un-formatted, you may want to format the micro SD card to fix the error. However, formatting will lead data to be lost from the card.

As you have known that recover your data saved on the micro SD card by data restoration program first, start it with the guidance below:

1. Insert your micro SD card in a card reader and plug both of them into the computer.

2. Download the data recovery software and install it on the computer.

3. Operate the recovery tool and choose the right disk to scan.

4. Save the files you need after scanning.

What should you do when encounter a can not format micro SD card error?

When bothered by the micro SD card cannot formatted problem, you may become anxious which guide you do something wrong. The right order to solve your matter just as follows:

Firstly, Retrieve your files with the help of a data recovery tool.

Secondly, Use formatter software to format your micro SD card.

Aspects you should be careful while restoring data with a data recovery tool

You'd better keep things below in mind for successful data recovery. Each of them is equally important and crucial:

1. Don't download and launch the data recovery tool on the problematic micro SD card.

2. Make sure that you have chosen the right disk.

3. It is better not to use the un-formatted micro SD card any more before it is fixed.

4. Put it in a safe place after unplugging the can not format micro SD card.

Devices that micro SD card is used to

People could apply a micro SD card to several digital devices for convenience. Slim as it is, the micro SD card has a large capacity.

Digital devices below could use micro SD card:

Music players, phones (but some brands of phones could not use it), cameras, camcorders, game console

If some devices above don't support micro SD card, shoppers will tell you when you bought it and you can not find the micro SD card slot.

Brands of micro SD card in the market

There are some common brands of micro SD cards as follows: Kingston, Samsung, Sandisk, Sony, Toshiba, Transcend Information, Maxell, Lexar, Kingmax, and so forth.

Pay attention to, you should buy micro SD card with the right way when you need one. Only in this way can ensure its quality and warranty.